One of the iconic cartoons – and sometimes even in real life – there is a robed character on a street corner with a sign the reads “The End of the World is Coming.” Of course, both science and logic tell us that he is right.

Usually, that warning is an invitation to repent for some wayward ways or maybe just a solicitation for a few coins. We would be foolish to take him too seriously because we know that his warning has no relevance to our lives.

If we do take such ominous warnings seriously, we might be like the late Reverend Harold Camping, who on two occasions led his followers on a “camping trip” (I could not resist the pun) to the mountain to await the imminent Rapture — the first phase of the world-ending Apocalypse in which the forces of good and evil will face off in worldwide conflagration. According to the theology, the good Christians will be beamed up to the heavenly place while the less worthy will be left behind to suffer from – or conduct — the awful biblical battle. If Camping had read the Bible more closely, he might not have been so quick to predict the hour of judgment. According to Matthew 24:36, “of that day and hour knoweth no man.”

I think of all this whenever some agency … some scientific authority … some politician by the name Al Gore makes yet another “end of the world” prediction. As I have written in the past, I am an agnostic on the meaning of climate change. My unwillingness to embrace the predicted earth-ending calamities is not the denial of scientific empiricism.

It does appear that the earth has warmed up a smidgeon over the past few years. But we are also told by scientists that the earth will again enter ice ages – even to become what it was at one time, “snowball earth.” Yes, our beautiful green planet was once covered in ice and snow from pole to pole – and they say it is going to happen again in a few billion years.

I react to that as I do to the guy on the corner with the sign. They are probably right, but it is so far in the future – and so little, if anything, we can do about it – that the warning is irrelevant.

Of course, the Draconian hyperbolic outcomes predicted for our warming earth are more immediate. We are told that we must … must … act now to save the planet. The existence of humans hangs in the balance. According to the dangerous climate change sign-carriers, we are just decades … nay, years … away from catastrophic events. In fact, the events are upon us already in the form of increasingly severe hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires and sunburns.

We are told that the Camp Fire in California was the most destructive and deadly in history. But … was that because the geological and climate conditions are so different than in the past? OR because we have constructed thousands of homes and other structures in regions where massive forest and brush fires are common? Is the death and destruction from hurricanes because they are inherently more powerful? OR because more people have migrated to the southern seashores?

Since virtually all their deadlined-predications in the past have never come to pass, I am not overly concerned about the latest ones. Al Gore seems to be standing in for Reverend Camping in repeatedly leading us to the mountain of failed prophecy.

Perhaps the earth is in a warming cycle, but I do not believe mankind has the power to impact on that reality to any significant degree – at least not without returning to the Stone Age. So, maybe for a while we will have to not build residences in floodplains or on seashores. Or, accept the consequence. Maybe retaining walls are a better investment than fear-mongering-for-profit campaigns.

Our most prudent plan would be to spend our resources adjusting to the reality of the consequences of a warming cycle than to try to stop it like one might want to stop a speeding train by standing on the track.

Part of my skepticism is also borne out of my own experience with science versing mother nature.

At one time, I owned a home on the shore of Lake Michigan. At the time, the lake was rising and taking down the sand dunes and no few homes. There was only a sliver of a beach – and at times none at all. I was told that it was a climate problem. Lake Michigan would never recede in our lifetimes. We had to fortify our lakefront to save the homes. Many of my neighbors did. I did not.

Weeeeell … much to my pleasant surprise and to the surprise of the scientists and experts, the lake level dropped. The bare bluffs that had collapsed into the lake were again green with bushes and trees. And my beach – from bluff to shoreline — was as wide as a football field. The experts never did – or could – explain why they were so bloody wrong. But I learned that scientists are often only slightly better than crystal ball readers in predicting the future.

In the 1950s, those atomic tests were going to destroy the planet. The nuclear age continued and so did the earth. In the 1960s, the world was to be ravaged by war and starvation due to the imminent “population explosion.” The “explosion” has continued, but the Draconian outcomes did not occur. In the 1980s, scientists predicted that we would be out of fossil fuel by the Twenty-First Century.

And now, we seem to have more than ever – much to the chagrin of the climate catastrophe folks.

My bet is that all those terrible things that are predicted to happen in the next 10 or 20 years if we do not take drastic actions IMMEDIATELY, will not be nearly as bad as they predict and may not happen at all regardless of what we do, or do not do.

So, there ‘tis.

8 thoughts on “The End of the World…Again”
  1. Alarmists, leftists, tree huggers, snail dogger savers, and other radicals will advocate cataclysm. I rest in Christ Jesus and keep myself busy helping others and doing good where I can. Rest and peace in the midst of turmoil, in Christ and His work.

  2. You are so right.
    Why is the onus on the US to save the planet when the biggest polluters are China and India? Why are we responsible for population control when our birthrate is <2 children per family when Muslim families have 4 wives and 8 kids apiece?

  3. Yes doomsayers who believe all this hogwash, well, there’s another one born every day like sweet little AOC with her toothy smile and certainty that she has the answers for all the mindless tag-alongs who want to believe her nonsense and check her box at the ballot booth. Yes even an entire generation that has been brainwashed in every institution of learning, high, low and in between who cant see the devastating effects of socialism which is right before their very eyes now in Venezuela and has been throughout history that it winds up destroying every civilizations that embraces it. Yes even an entire segment of a country’s population that willfully ignores the successes of a presidency that has clearly made life better for them while they clamor for his impeachment and try to undermine any further success. This is a cataclysm that is both imminent and real and the effects if not stopped will be the utter destruction of civilization on this planet. THANK GOD there is someone who will put a stop to this nonsense! Hehe no its not Donald Trump, His name is above every name and every person on the planet needs to know him personally!!! Teach your children the TRUTH!

  4. All so very true. Don’t forget that back in the 1920’s. The Dooms Day Idiots were professing Climate Change and the end of the world. Did it happen? Hell No! Just sayin.

  5. What did Hillary have to hide, she didn’t do anything wrong, did she??? why didn’t she give all her emails??? shes is an alcoholic, drug addict, a liar, murderer of Seth Rich, and Vince Foster who turned her emails to Wikileaks, she can’t walk, can’t talk, was coughing, and pedophile billy boy had to talk for her, you wanted them to be president, are you a retard stupid liberal demon-rat, we the people voted for a non politician that is not stealing us blind, and you want more theft of our money, and destruction of our economy, you have shit for brains
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  6. You have obviously watched too much fox network news. Many of the things you have said have been debunked. Such as the Clintons killing Seth Rich. In fact Seth Rich’s family has sued fox for making up the story. And Rich’s family has vowed to sue anyone who perpetuates the false story. I would be more than happy to forward your name and comment to Seth’s family. And much of the other garbage you try to pass off as truths was started by the national enquirer. A pillar of fact based news, eh? Oh, and the oil barrons are trump’s friends and cronies. Trump just nominated a former oil industry lobbyist to take the place of Ryan Zinke ex Secretary of the interior. Now trump is vowing to tear down Bears Ears and Grand Escalante Staircase National Monuments to let his cronies in the oil industry drill there to find more oil. It’s the repukes in Congress that need to repay the government for not doing their job and trump also wants to let oil companies drill for oil off the coast of Florida. All of this supported by Republicans. I guess this blows your theory out of the water. That it’s democrats pushing for more oil use. You have truly joined the ranks of the brainwashed and dumb, deaf blind trumptards. In fact. I think you rank at the very top of that DDB pile.

  7. Well it took comey over 30 minutes just to read off her charges. Then he said he would not investigate them, because hillary had no intent to break the law. Now intent only comes into court at sentencing not investigation phase. Example your shotgun goes off kills someone. You are still going to be investigated for manslaughter. You are still going though a trail for it even though you had no intent.

  8. In 1981 when I did my Masters in Environmental Pollution Control and global scientific thinking suggested we would see 1-2 degree Celsius global average temperature rise with a 1-2 meter sea level rise in ONE THOUSAND YEARS – I wasn’t too concerned. I believed in 1000 we would have developed fusion power and sustainable energy systems of all kinds and probably space travel as well as technology is advancing so rapidly.

    By the late 1990’s however I was getting concerned. The scientists – me among them – were wrong. The Earth was warming much faster than predicted and the 2 degree average temperature rise was likely to occur in 30-50 years – NOT 1000 years. That wasn’t and isn’t enough time to respond and we are still pumping out CO2 like it is going out of fashion. That is bad enough, but the real key is methane: the Earth is now starting to respond by releasing methane from the tundra in Canada and Siberia at alarming rates. It is bubbling out of the arctic ocean as the ocean floor melts and it is 20 to 80 times more effective than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. So the gases which RETAIN energy in the earth/atmosphere system are increasing rapidly – there is no denying that – and WE caused it – also undeniable.

    For the last 14000 years our climate has been pretty stable and the majority of human expansion and civilization has occurred in that period. In the simplest of terms, we had about 280ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere and it retained the right amount of energy to maintain that global climate. Since the industrial revolution, we have now increased the CO2 to about 400ppm – and increase of about one third! What does that mean? Basically that we are now retaining about one third more energy in the earth atmosphere system than we did during the period when human expansion was greatest because we had a relatively benign climate on earth. Where is the energy going: just like in your beer cooler the temperature rise is being slowed because the excess energy is being used to melt ice! What will happen when all the ice melts? The temperature is going to skyrocket. And just like the way cities near the ocean have milder extremes in temperature because it takes enormous amounts of energy to heat water (remember how quickly your frying pans gets hot compared to how long it takes to boil water), our oceans are acting like an enormous heat bank sucking up excess energy and warming very slowly. But what is the ramification of this? More water should be evaporated meaning higher humidity and much more potential energy available for storms and hurricanes AND much more intense rainfall events and floods.

    Look to the news everyday and your own experience to see whether what I am saying is true. God (if he exists – gave us the wit to look after our planet which I believe is the ‘Garden of Eden’ – all of it! And the the responsibility. The greatest sin of all must be to knowingly and willfully make it uninhabitable for any of God’s creatures.

    Diploma in Metallurgy
    Masters in Applied Science – Environmental Pollution Control
    Diploma in Meteorology
    Meteorological Observer
    Aviation Forecaster
    30 years experience in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology – retired.
    Developer and manufacturer of precision ‘cruise controls’ for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs – 20 years in business and exporting worldwide.

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