This past week, climate change scientists, most of which are socialist Democrats, came out with a warning that manmade climate change is going to result in the extinction of 1 million species of plants and animals, unless we do something to reverse the trend.

I’m telling you right now that this is a socialist lie and I plead with you not to buy into that lie.

I’ve reported this before, but just a quick reminder that in the early 1960s, the United States and Russia met with the purpose of finding a unifying factor that could help lead to a one-world government. This took place during the short tenure of President John F. Kennedy. It was agreed upon that the threat of nuclear war was not sufficient to lead to their socialist goal, but the environment was. Even if there wasn’t any real environmental problem, they would create one. From that time until now, leftists, also known today as Democrats, have been pushing climate change to help push their socialist agenda.

We’ve been hearing about global warming and that it’s all man’s fault, but the leftists ignore the fact that history shows the earth has heated up, cooled down, heated up, cooled down and is now heating up again. It is a natural cyclic event that has been happening for centuries before man and his industrial revolution.

To help their cause of creating a global emergency, climate changers are now running around crying that one million species of plants and animals are currently threatened with extinction and that it’s all man’s fault.


Have you ever heard of natural selection?

The process of natural selection is not the driving force of evolution, as they claim. If one truly studies natural selection, it does one of two things – it keeps a population stable or it drives it to extinction. This has to do with genetic variability or the amount of change found in a species’ DNA.

As a population splits off, plant or animal, they lose some of their genetic variability. As this population further spreads out and divides it loses even more genetic variability. Eventually, there is not enough genetic variability to allow the plants or animals to adapt to any environmental changes, such as temperature, moisture, etc.

Let me give you an example. Dogs referred to as mutts (the products of numerous breeds breeding together) are by far the healthier dogs and the dogs that can more readily adapt to changes in their environment. However, many pure breeds, like a Maltese (we have 2) that have been pure bred for over 2,000 years, have many health problems and generally don’t live as long as a mutt, nor are they as easily adaptable to changes in their environment.

Thus, natural selection drives the species to extinction.

Another example is the cheetah. Many wildlife experts are worried that the cheetah could soon go extinct because it has virtually no genetic variability left, thus it cannot adapt to very much change to its environment.

On the flip side, when a population, especially a large population, stays in one general area, the genetic variability is passed from generation to generation and thus the population remains fairly stable. Additionally, these kinds of populations can readily adapt to many changes to their environment.

Thus, natural selection keeps the population stable.

I will admit that in some areas, the global warming or climate change is due in part to mankind. That’s in places like China and India where industrial pollution is so bad that the air is unsafe to breathe, forcing many people to wear masks.

In other areas, mankind has wiped out entire forests, eliminating the habitats for some plants and animals.

However, the vast majority of instances of animal and plant extinction is due to natural selection, the weapon that evolutionists swing like a sword. In truth, they know that, but they need the environmental crisis of climate change to force their socialist agenda not only on America but on the entire world. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t buy into that the socialist lie of climate change and an immediate environmental emergency. It will only lead to the loss of all of our freedoms and rights and not that salvation of the animals, plants or earth.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Socialist Lie that Mankind Responsible for 1 Million Species Going Extinct”
  1. No planet can last forever (just saying) the leftist, are hinged on the global meltdown. 90% of the leftist, as well as the democrats. Just don’t seem to know much about everyday life. The policies, taxes, regulations,
    The planet (without nuclear war) can
    last up to 1000 years or so, of course the hunger, living space, etc.
    Just will not be there anymore, so towards the end of earth, will be starvation, (example MARS)

  2. Climate change is not a socialist lie. I studied Environmental Science in college long before it became a political issue. There are many contributing factors and mankind’s greed driven mismanagement is one of the largest. I’m a Republican, pro life, which includes ALL life.

  3. climate change does exist but don’t ask smartass trump who knows everything,why hasn’t he been impeached yet he has sacked enough people who might cause him harm horrible hypocritical man

  4. I guess they slept through the World History classes in school, because this is a repeat of MANY decades ago. They do not believe in laws/facts unless it furthers their own agenda.

  5. If the government gets total control of our Health Care, that will only lead to a total Communist takeover of America. That is because, the Liberal Communists will be in charge of this Program which Means, they will pick and choose who will live and, who will die. We are already seeing the affects of the Democrat communist plan for population control. It is called Climate Change. Millions will perish if the Communists in Washington get their way. Here is what I am talking about, I keep reading about how the Democrats re fighting Climate Change, also know as Global Warming. Have you or any of the idiots that Democrats call Scientists, ever look at the Damage they are doing that is causing Global Warming. I would suggest those who are claiming to be stopping Climate Change, are the ones who are causing it. The Liberals are looking to destroy millions of People and, rid the Planet of an overrun of population. Just take a temperature meter out to one of these massive Solar Panel Farms and, measure the temperature above these many panels. These are reflecting the Heat of the Sun back into the Atmosphere, causing it to heat up like the Liberals know it is. They are acting just like the Dry Sand of the Deserts that keep the Air warmer than if the soil conducted the heat in the ground. Then there is the intentional murders of millions from poisoning from all the toxic chemicals in these Solar Panels. How do these Liberal fools plan on getting rid of all these toxins? Are we going to bury them in the ground? Maybe the idea is to dump them into local Land Fills to affect the People in these areas. If you can’t just wipe out half the population of the Earth, where else will these fools who think they are Gods going to stray next. There is something sick about how the Communist Democrats hate Americans. Which Country do they really owe their allegiance to?

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