The FBI has admitted that they are looking at possible criminal elements being involved in the supposed suicide of known pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein.

Federal investigators who have been probing the death of Jeffrey Epstein are looking into whether a “criminal enterprise” may have played a role, the Bureau of Prisons’ director revealed during testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, who described the death as a “black eye on the entire Bureau of Prisons,” made the admission when questioned by Sen. Lindsey Graham. “With a case this high profile, there has got to be either a major malfunction of the system or criminal enterprise at the foot to allow this to happen. So are you looking at both? Is the FBI looking at both?” the South Carolina Republican asked.

“The FBI is involved and they are looking at a criminal enterprise, yes,” Sawyer responded.

As you know, New York City’s medical examiner ruled that the convicted sex offender took his own life inside his Manhattan federal prison cell on Aug. 10. But, many dispute that conclusion, including legendary New York medical examiner, Michael Baden.

The Judiciary Committee hearing began a couple of hours before it was announced that two prison guards on duty during the night Epstein killed, himself were being charged with falsifying records and conspiring to make false records.

When Graham asked Sawyer how something like Epstein could have happened, she said “the whole situation is still under the investigation of the FBI and the Inspector General’s Office and I’m really not at liberty to discuss specifics of this case.”

“I can discuss issues around institutional operations, but I can’t specifically talk about that particular issue,” she noted.

Maybe “Something Far Worse” Happened

Later in the hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, lamented how Epstein died “before he had a chance to testify about his crimes, about his wrongdoings and about the other powerful men who were complicit” in his sexual abuse of underage women.

“That was a moment that shocked this country,” he told Sawyer. “There were powerful men who wanted Jeffrey Epstein silenced. As I see it there are two — and only two — possibilities for what happened with Jeffrey Epstein,” Cruz continued.

“No. 1, there was gross negligence and a total failure of BOP to do its job with a prisoner on suicide watch that led to Epstein committing suicide,” he said. “Or No. 2, something far worse happened, that it was not suicide but rather a homicide carried out by a person or persons who wanted Epstein silenced. Either one of those is completely unacceptable. Both of those are profound indictments of BOP and our federal incarceration system.”

8 thoughts on “FBI Now Investigating Epstein’s Death as a Possible “Criminal Enterprise””
  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Epstein was silenced because he could have named names of many famous people and show just how rotten so many of these people are in real life. I heard that Bill Clinton made 26 trips to Epstein’s mansion and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Clinton would be involved in any kind of sleasy sex related endeavors. The man has a real problem with controlling his sexual urges, as evidenced by many different women over the years complaining of his sexual advances. Then there is the Prince. Another slime ball. And how many others? We’ll never know now that the guy who could have named names has been eliminated. I am sure that there is more to this story that we will never know about. When a world renowned medical examiner says it was not suicide, but homicide one has to wonder. Remember, technology can do amazing things these days. Cameras can be back end loaded to show that nothing happened in that cell, guards can be bought off for huge sums of money, others can be paid off and hit men can be hired to do the dirty work. Wake up America! This kind of thing must end.

  2. Federal, County, AND City Jails EVERYWHERE IN OUR NATION!! It is grotesque the sadist penile system to torture those who do not deserve to be punished, but instead learned right from wrong. Or, they are entirely people INNOCENT of any wrong doing at all!! This system IS DYSFUNCTIONAL INSTITUTED FOR PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL ASSAULT/ABUSE CRUEL AND UNUSUAL!! God help anyone who through no fault is f their own wind up in these dungeons.

  3. Does ANYONE trust the FBI to honestly investigate?

    When is the FBI going to investigate Bill Clinton’s 26 trips to Little St. James Island for sex with pre-teens? How many years have gone by with no arrests? Or Hillary’s involvement with a pedophile sex ring with her former aid, Huma Abedin. Where have those videos and photos on Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s lap top disappeared? Into the bowels of the once trusted FBI. NOT good for America.

  4. It is firmly established inside the US prison “culture” that any pedophile will be suicided forthright. So what is the FBI doing? Bashing open a door that was already wide open? Typical.

  5. It was on the orders of the President, it seems obvious. Epstein spilling all he knows would most likely have given Trump 2 black eyes he’d be wearing into next year’s election.

  6. Excellent questions and I would like to know also. With all the criminal activities that have been going on for decades an the Congress getting rich the longer they stay in office and requisition our taxes from our Social Security the last one was for this hearing to impeach our President. How can this cost 4.2 Billion and Mueller cost over 42 Million, all for the same thing to get rid of a no-nonsense President Trump who is doing a great job. Supposed suicides of Epstein and everything that came to light was all the money laundering and phoney Pay for Play (sounds a bit like Epstein here) Clintons did, plus the child trafficking from Haiti that we know of and we are supposed to trust the FBI or CIA. If you find out how we are supposed to trust them, let me know. I do not believe them until I see proof and majority prosecuted and behind bars. The people who are involved are financially very powerful people, not for intelligence but for their money, they do not want to lose all there assets they earned in their dirty game of drugs, human trafficking, phony charities and yes I will give them credit of some intellegence in the stock market one of the places they (Soros) destroyed countries. Just one example.

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