It was one of those defining weekends that alerts us, that the impeachment frenzy concocted and orchestrated by Democrats, has begun to unravel and implode in a more personal way, for those directly involved.

On Saturday two isolated events, thousands of miles apart reacted to the same overarching issue of impeachment, with almost a similar emotional outcome.

In California, on Saturday night at a town hall meeting at the Glendale Central Library chaos suddenly erupted when Congressmen Adam Schiff took to the podium and began speaking.

The event sponsored by the Armenian National Committee of America — Western Region, invited Schiff to speak on behalf of a measure passed by the House in October regarding the Armenian genocide.

The town hall meeting began with several individuals sitting in the front row, holding signs that read “Don’t Impeach.”

Schiff who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee initially ignored them, reading from a prepared speech concerning the resolution he co-sponsored, which was overwhelmingly passed by a 405 to 11 vote.

However, on this night, the specter of impeachment he helped create hung heavy within the audience, and within moments the assembled gathering erupted with shouts of “LIAR!”

One individual suddenly rose from his seat pointing directly at Schiff, who seemed genuinely stunned announcing that the Californian lawmaker will forever be known as “committing treason,” for spearheading the impeachment folly.

The 9-minute video clip captures the bedlam within the library, as both pro-Schiff and pro-Trump partisans squared-off.

In one scary moment, a Trump supporter suddenly unfurls a red and blue Trump flag, at which point a Schiff supporter attempts to wrestle the flag away, as both individuals fall to the ground. Another Trump supporter holds up another sign proclaiming “re-elect Trump.”

The pro-Schiff crowd then begins chanting “Adam! Adam! Adam” surrounding the few Trump supports, pushing and shoving them to the exit door, yelling “leave” or “get out!”

Thankfully three local Glendale police officers were on duty, to restore some order and help the besieged Trump supporters out of the facility, with just a few bumps and brushes.

Approximately three thousand miles away, in the Garden State, the issue of impeachment was also being played out. However in a much more somber way, as House Democratic freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew announced earlier within the impeachment process, that he would be voting “no.”

Nevertheless on Friday Van Drew stunned the Party, when he suddenly announced that he was no longer a Democrat, which was shocking enough, however, moments later he announced he was joining the Republican Party, and Saturday morning President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate the 66-year-old legislator.

According to a GOP official familiar with the conversations, the lawmaker had discussed switching parties in a meeting with Trump at the White House on Friday, an administration official said Saturday.

Van Drew won his southern New Jersey district by 8% last year, but Trump carried it by 5 points in 2016 and Van Drew was considered one of the more vulnerable House Democrats going into next November’s congressional elections.

On Thursday, one day before Van Drew announced his defection to the Republican Party, he said, “It doesn’t mean that I agree with everything the President may have said or done. It means that I don’t believe that these are impeachable offenses.”

There are currently 31 Democrats (including Van Drew), who flipped House seats within Republican strongholds; on a promise, they would work with the President, if elected. Their constituents “FOOLISHLY” took a huge risk, perhaps believing that shared responsibilities, would make for better governance, and in most instances, they would most likely be correct. However as witnessed, Democrats aren’t interested in governance, they’re only interested in nullifying the 2016 election.

33 thoughts on “Chaos Erupts at Schiff’s Town Hall, Dem Lawmaker Switches to GOP”
  1. I’m as dumb as paint, but I think the Tyranny-crats may very well have anally violated themselves come the November election. Trump is not going to sit there and let the Deception-crats destroy him; he’ll fight back and will also whip-up the Republicans to really get out and vote in the Fall. I’m a Republican and I cannot wait to vote to retain my Liberty…

  2. The left Democrats have almost guaranteed Trump’s re-election in 2020, as well as the Republicans taking back the Congress from the far left lunatics! Wait until January of 2021, Nancy Pelosi will be wearing back again to try and show support for her turd based Political Party! Looking forward to it, to Parteeeeeeeeeee!

  3. How can anyone, anyone, proclaim support for this evil, corrupt bigot who is conning America? Enlarged the swamp? Broken every campaign promise and turned us over to Russia? Why?

  4. I switched parties! The Dems have proven that they are out of touch with reality! When they start living in a fact based world I’ll think about going back! Get rid of political correctness and start telling the truth!!! A man is a man and that can’t be changed! Homosexuality is about sex not love, it’s right there in the word! Unless you’re talking about how you love sex.

  5. The Lemmings in the House will follow Pelosi right off their losing election cliff. Trump did not commit any crime. They produced not one single shred of evidence, it was all heresay, speculation, and lies from a bunch of anti Trump Partisan Democrats. The entire thing was fraudulent.
    There will be a resolution to it all, and it will come at the polls in 2020. Trump will be re-elected President. The Republicans will retain their majority in the Senate, and the House will lose their Democrat majority….and PELOSI will blame it all on somebody else, it can’t possibly be her fault, she is after all Catholic and free of any and all guilt.

  6. I am in agreement but I go one step further, We the people are taking back California from the demonic works experienced by these democrats who are in office. We are putting in responsible Republican leaders who will fight for freedom … freedom from the filthy mess on the streets, disobedience to law officers, the use of drugs evident on the streets… all the lies experienced through Pelosi and her friend Feinstein. It is over for them and hopefully they will pack their filthy rich bags accumulated through their years in office… and move out of this State. San Franciso and all of Northers California down through the southern border will be secured and the land will prosper because God Himself will take charge. He is the author of prosperity and He has chosen President Trump for just such a time as this.


  8. That’s okay. The deimo-crats have ascertained their loss at the next election. Three years of obsessively digging for something, anything… Finding nothing highcrimish or treasonous and doing nothing for their constituencies. NOTHING !!! That is getting elected on false pretenses, THAT IS treason. Hang them back to a regular nine to five sweatshop life without perks, pensions, insurances, luxuries, private jets, immunities and prerogatives. But that might be ruled as cruel and unusual punishment for members of our aristocracy, yet good nuff for corrupt governor’s and State pols.

  9. Bless your heart. Paint is smarter. Dismissing facts. Claiming to be christian while watching and agreeing with someone who can’t spell morality let alone display it. I have more respect for the white people who are out front with their racism instead of you folk that use statements and believe people don’t know what you’re talking about or know what you’re doing. To include the president you claim is tough. As he started out his campaign at his own rally he jumped in the arms of a secret service man like a punk. when a white man came on stage with a bottle of water. And tweeting like a punk. That whiteness just got y’all believing that racist ignorant hillbilly is doing something. Too bad that being white makes you lie to yourself. Lying about sandy hook school, Mexican people, black people, the president’s job performance. Too bad being white makes you crazy when you believe something is being taken from you. The rest of have real problems. We don’t have to make them up. And at the top of the list is lying white people.

  10. Trump will wait until this impeachment sham is is shown for what it really is – simply the absolute personal hatred by Pelosi toward Trump as a person and hatred toward the Citizens of the United States who she looks upon as nothing more than stupid servants put on Earth to do her bidding. When Trump is reelected, she will find herself in VERY hot water, probably ostracized by her own party because the Democrats WILL loose the House back to the Republicans and most likely give the Republicans a Super Majority in both houses of Congress. All thanks to Pelosi and Shiff.
    It would not really surprise me if Pelosi lost her party’s endorsement over the vast amount of animosity she has caused against the Democrat party, even among Democrats.

  11. The majority of Americans resent this impeachment circus put on by this felon Adam Schiff. He has aroused the wrath of the American public and many to most around the nation except in California will find a way to have him removed from the House of Congress next November 2020 for this evil hoax he thrusted on us. Speaker Nancy Bigmouth is also going to pay big time for her using the Articles of Impeachment as a tool to manipulate the Senate to do things her way and force a FAKE impeachment Coup of the President of the United States of America.

  12. Schiff’s district in California includes Hollywood. So in a very real sense, Schiff represents Hollywood.
    What does THAT tell you about the “impeachment inquiry circus”….????….

  13. They need to go to the senate with their impeachment so that they can be investigated for all their treasonous crimes and be jailed for them as they should be.They think that we don’t see how they are actually are doing what they are accusing the president of.We are not stupid as they think we are,
    and they will also pay for it at the election. Who said you can’t put 5 pounds of shit in a 2 pound bag? Adam Shitless does it every time he opens his mouth. TERRY

  14. Shiftless Schiff, and that lying douchebag Pelosi, and their little punk Jerrold Nadler should be transported to Guantanamo bay and locked until they came be tried for treason !!

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