Well over a century ago, a wise man wrote:

The weakest of minds are those which go forward because they are borne along by the throng; the truly strong are accustomed to stand alone, and are not cast down if they find themselves in a minority.

As these words were brought to my attention recently, I couldn’t help but see them as a description of today’s Democratic voters and how they are all so adamantly opposed to President Donald Trump.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve watched hundreds of interviews of Democratic voters and found a common theme among them all. The vast majority of them had no clue of politics or why they favored Democrats other than to say that they were following the leads of others around them.

A number of interviews conducted with college students on various campuses revealed that the majority of those interviewed had no idea who Obama’s Vice President was or who his Republican opponent was. Others didn’t even know Obama’s name, just that they were voting for the black guy, forgetting that Obama is half white.

I recall one interview with a female college student who said she was a political science major who said that Paul Ryan was a black Democrat who was Obama’s running mate in 2012.

America’s public education system has been working furiously to dumb down as many young people as possible. That dumbing down has left millions of younger voters without a clue of what they are doing nor what their votes will ultimately do to America.

They are entering adulthood with weakened minds that have been brainwashed to follow the throng of other dumbed down and clueless voters. They have been blindly convinced that America and our free enterprise system is the bane of the entire world and something to be destroyed.

Like sheep or cattle being led to the slaughter, the throng of weakened minds, also known as Democrats, are following a few anti-American subversive socialists who are knowingly taking advantage of the throng of weakened minds.

What their weakened minds fail to understand is that the prosperity they are experiencing today is a direct result of the very free enterprise and the capitalistic system they are vilifying. Their weakened minds also fail to realize that if they continue their war on the American system they enjoy, and yet vilify, that they will eventually end up like the citizens of countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. Their minds have been so weakened that they don’t believe they will suffer the same fate as some of the most oppressed people in the world.

At the same time, the one man who dared to stand strong for the values that made America the great nation it once was, is the one being so venomously villainized by the throng of weakened minds. Donald Trump, unlike any of the other Republican candidates that ran for the White House in 2016 or any running in 2020, is the lone person to stand for what is right and good.

I know that wise man from over a century ago was not speaking of today’s politics in America, but his words are just as accurate to describe what is happening here today as they were about the subjects he was referring to back then.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Democratic Voters Described Over A Century Ago”
  1. I thought you were describing Republicans, mindless lemmings who follow comrade Trumpski over the cliff!! If anyone cannot think independently, its the undereducated ignorant racist Republicans. Give these Neanderthals a gun (or 3 of 4). a football game, a beer and corn pone, and they will be happy as a possum asleep under a bush. Al they know is what Rush , Faux News and Traitor Trump tells them, and they are so stupid they can’t tell that these are all lies. I have over 100 employees in a nationwide corporation I founded and own, and although I do not discriminate against Republicans when I hire, I have found that most of the employees I fired were Republicans- I fired them not because they were Republicans, but because they were stupid and never learned how to do a job..

  2. Please do everything you can to get THIS(EXACT) message out to as many Americans as possible; in ANY WAY!!! The future of CIVILIZATION is at stake; and the only alternative is a return to the Dark
    Ages. A new “Great Awakening” needs to take place, not only in the political area, but in Christianity as well.
    It’s ALL that can save our future generations from doom.

  3. ” The weakest of minds are those which go forward because they are borne along by the throng; the truly strong are accustomed to stand alone, and are not cast down if they find themselves in a minority. ” is 100% true of the feelings over fact Democrats.
    It is sad that so many willfully ignorant people follow the Democrats and their policies. Every area run by Democrats for Decades has gone downhill the entire time. I’ve watched Baltimore where I was born being turned into a 3rd world country in many many places due to The Democrats policies. I’ve been to many 3rd world countries and some of them are nicer than where I was born now. California is beyond insanity now with people crapping in the streets and The Democrat’s policies are 100% to blame.
    We need to vote Every Democrat out of office and get the country back on the path to improving things for Citizens.


  5. Guess what they approved illegal immigrants gave them a privilege to get driver’s license in New York

  6. This reckless impeachment vote which 2 articles aren’t even written in the Constitution will be a pox on the Dem party, a self destructive suicidal sado-masochistic ploy bound to boomerang & implode on ’em.
    The genius Framers were specific on the 1st 2 articles & open on the 3rd high crimes but not “low” misdemeanors.
    So sickening ti hear “no man is above the law” perserverations, ad nauseum “not political” lies & the trivialization of such a grave, rare Constitutional event based on unfounded, weak, very divisive, costly charges..

  7. If Pelosick never sends the Articles over to the Senate, the House vote is not at all valid and the “impeachment” never really happened…

  8. The Democrats, in Clinton House impeachment,( for a sex scandal – not the use of his office power to arm twist an other nation to his own personal benefit which Trump has done), accepted what the Republicans presented (the facts/testimony) without saying it’s fake. But here now (Trumps) the Republicans continue to deny the facts and witness. Trump refuses to provide (allow or there is nearly none?) witness in his defense – even after one of his quotes during his campaign (don’t remember exactly) ,”the accused should step forward and be willing testify in his defense and if he doesn’t – he’s guilty as hell”. Also it was the Republicans that changed the House Intelligence Committee rules that now requires witness be testify behind closed doors. I remember reading about a study, years ago, that indicated the Republican voters are of the mind set to tend to accept, (with out any analytical/critical thought) as truth, what every is told them by people in a position of importance or power over them. In a study a website sent out false info, out to Democrats and Republican voters (all over the country) on the current politics , asking if this was true or false or actually happen. The results were all but 5% of the Democrats saw through all of the falsehoods and 35% of the Republicans accepted them as true.

    From a 35 year Republican voter who had to leave the party due to too many falsehoods from the party. I also have to admit that it was liberals (democrats?) that built this country and made it great. also saw a few studies in which all the past presidents were evaluated on may aspects of what they did for the country and internationally. Results put all the past Republican Presidents, but one -Regan (rated #10), at the bottom worst.

  9. While we complain about this and that, very few of us actually confront the real problem/s which have led us to this time. I submit that our disassociation with the educational system has brought us here. We have allowed the government to force feed our children the communist manifesto . Then we set back and *itch and moan about the results. It has been said “there is safety in numbers” but sadly we cannot find the numbers to assert our rights. I believe it is safe to say that those who brain wash our children are fairly sure they can meet their goals without interference from us.

  10. Mike Wilson
    Admirable comment! However, let me address your last sentence first; “We need to vote Every Democrat out of office and get the country back on the path to improving things for Citizens”. My response “HOW”?

  11. David you are 100 percent wrong … He has been impeached and whether the Senate sees the case or not it will stand as an impeachment… You can’t change that.. That will be the idiot in the White Houses legacy in the History books.. That’s alright by me!! I wouldn’t give those Republican crooks the time of day from now on!!

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