New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, has accused an area Domino’s of making too much dough!

The Mayor got bothered by some apparently cheesy reporting by The NY Post about a Domino’s pizzeria in Midtown that sold pies for $30 apiece to penned-in New Year’s Eve revelers in Times Square.

“Jacking up your prices on people trying to celebrate the holidays? Classy, @dominos,” de Blasio tweeted from his official city account.

“To the thousands who came to Times Square to ring in 2020, I’m sorry this corporate chain exploited you — stick it to them by patronizing one of our fantastic LOCAL pizzerias.”

But the mayor’s furious accusations of profiteering drew heaps of scorn from Twitter users who promptly delivered a menu of insults tossed at de Blasio that included reminders of his infamous 2014 pizza peccadillo on Staten Island.

“Don’t worry @dominos this is coming from a guy who eats pizza with a knife and fork. New Yorkers have enough love for you and their local pizzeria,” tweeted Jeff Anzulewicz of the Brooklyn-based consulting company A Design Desk.

Multiple commenters also pointed the liberal-leaning Democrat to the basic laws of economics, with Matthew Baden tweeting, “How is this different to a million other things? Airlines, Uber, property. It’s called supply and demand.”

Others noted that many city pizzerias charge $4 a slice — which works out to $32 for a pie — and that restaurants regularly raise their rates on New Year’s Eve.

De Blasio — who tweeted a cropped screenshot of The Post’s article that obscured its origin and didn’t link back to the paper’s website — was also called out for seizing on the work of an outlet he’s claimed not to read.

“I thought you hated the Post,” tweeted Kevin Walsh, Webmaster of the site “Forgotten New York.”

The New Year’s Eve pizzas — which sold for more than twice the regular $14.49 price of a large cheese pie — were hawked by Domino’s delivery worker Ratan Banik, who did brisk business with hungry tourists waiting in holding pens for the ball drop.

“It’s absolutely worth it. It was hot. It seems like it just came out of the oven,” Amit Zanwar, 31, of New Jersey said Tuesday. “If he comes back, I will buy some more.”

The pizzas came from a franchise at 40th Street and Seventh Avenue, where a woman said the business had sold more than 50 pies by 6 p.m. and would continue offering them until the midnight ball drop.

The franchise has been selling New Year’s Eve pizzas in Times Square for more than 15 years, she added.

On New Year’s Day, Wednesday afternoon, the eatery was packed with patrons, including two NYPD cops on their lunch break.

Sarah Reyes, 19, of Queens, described herself as a loyal Domino’s customer and defended the New Year’s Eve price hike.

“What’s wrong with Domino’s cashing in? Everyone else was doing it last night,” Reyes said. “The mayor has more to worry about. How about he fixes the trains?”

7 thoughts on “NYC Mayor De Blasio Accuses Domino’s Pizza of Price Gouging”
  1. De Blasio, Sounds like another Mayor– Bloomberg. They should run together. Hand out pizza and big gulp soda. It might get them some votes. This is want to run our country. Lets just worry about pizza and big gulp soda. But be careful Bloomberg will BUY the pizza place and give out free pizza to get your vote. He likes to buy his way to everthing. Together they could not run a Hog farm.

  2. Is this becoming a New trend in this area? First, it was outlawing the big gulp drink, and now it’s Dominos pizza.
    I’m thinking your large homeless population,and your illegal drug distribution, or your broken train transportation system would be better targets of attention for the NEW Year !

  3. My,my, mayor. Worried about price gouging at Domino’s? Gees! Why not look at you your rentals and housing prices. Talk about gouging! Talk about food and gas and other services hm?. Why are people high tailing out of you city and state? And the first two guesses don’t count. You got it price gouging! So until you bring all of you prices way way down. Quit crying about a pizza! New York, the city that never sleeps because it can’t afford to, it’s expensive!!!!

  4. it seems you lot on twitter are daft enough to pay the prices,mthere are always plenty of fools around ,the mayor should leave you to get ripped off idiots

  5. Exactly……I guess deBlasio is whining because his pizza had too much dough and not enough toppings.;-}. Thing is if you’re not willing to pay the price, don’t buy it and Domino’s will be the ones who suffer. Grow up, deBlasio. If people are stupid enough to pay that price, it’s their problem or a problem with educations in your school system.

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