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A video that went viral this week on social media shows one young boy in tears after asking a mall Santa in Norridge, Illinois, for a Nerf gun. The Santa said to the child, “Nope. No guns. Not even a Nerf gun.” The Santa then told the boy that his father could get the Nerf gun for him for Christmas.

The video of the interaction shows the Santa asking the boy, “What do you want for Christmas?

The boy doesn’t respond at first, prompting the Santa to ask, “You don’t know?”

According to the boy’s mother, he then asked for a Nerf gun.

The Santa then states, “Nope. No guns.”

The mother clarifies, “Nerf gun.”

The Santa does not concede. “Not even a Nerf gun,” he says.

The Santa repeats, “Nope. If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine but I can’t bring it to you, so what else would you like? Lots of other toys, there’s Legos, here’s bicycles, there’s cars and trucks.” The Santa asks, “What do you think?”

The boy starts crying as his mom tries to comfort him, saying, “It’s okay.”

The Santa says, “don’t cry.” The mother picks her son up as the Santa continues, “It’s okay.”

The mom says softly to her son, “You still get it.” As he continues to cry, she says, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

The boy’s mother wrote on Facebook:

My poor baby. This was the first year Michael was excited to go see Santa. It was supposed to be magical but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy fight back tears because Santa told him No because of his own personal beliefs. I had to think fast and explain to him that this Santa was just a helper and not the real guy. I just wanted to console my baby and get him out of there, flipping out on Santa would have only made it worse. His Elfie is going to bring him a Nerf gun directly from the North Pole, from the real Santa, tonight.

The post was edited later to add:

Harlem Irving Plaza has responded quickly and with kindness and understanding. They have a special surprise for Michael that we will share later. Also, many people have offered to send Michael a nerf gun. His wish list has more than been fulfilled so if you’re still feeling generous please contact his mother, Sabella DeCarlo, as they are organizing a large nerf and toy donation to children in need! We’re trying to turn this unfortunate incident into something positive and spread cheer to children who really need it!
The HIP is not where you want to take your children to see Santa, if they are asking for Nerf guns.
2 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Mall Santa Makes Little Boy Cry After He Asks for Nerf Gun”
  1. I believe stores and anyone who has a Santa, should inform the person they hire, that Santa is jolly and is supposed to make all children happy ! They must get rid of any Santa especially that one, that makes children upset, sad or cry ! There is a code for being a Santa Claus, he must have a great personality, love children, and be able to communicate with all ages of children , also that is what brings customers back to the stores, and businesses !

  2. Mom should have told Santa Micheal was going to get a Assault Rifle for Christmas when he grows up! Santa should not inflict emotional harm on Micheal that could cause some kind of Anti-Santa syndrome when he acquires his assault rifle!

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