He let “No-Vax” have it.

Radio icon and vehement pro-vaxxer Howard Stern is ripping Novak Djokovic over the tennis star’s controversial stance regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

The comments came as the 20-time Grand Slam champion faces the possibility of getting banned from the Australian Open after not disclosing his vaccine status — being vaccinated is a requirement for noncitizens entering the country.

Djokovic’s lawyers argued that the 34-year-old racket wizard did not need to be vaccinated as he had recently recovered from the virus, and was therefore immunized. Meanwhile, the Serbian national has argued in the past that getting the jab should be a personal decision and not mandated by the government.

Stern let the accused anti-vaxxer have it on a recent episode of his radio show, Fox News reported.

“That f – – knut … Djokovic. The Joker, I call him the Joker,” the 68-year-old shock jock fumed. “What a f – – king a – – hole.”

He continued, “The first I’ve heard of this guy is that he doesn’t want to get his vaccine and he’s running around …  they should throw him right the f – – k out of tennis.”

Furthermore, the radio personality suggested that Djokovic “could be lying” about having COVID-19, and encouraged the “D-bag” to “stay away from other people.”

Stern, who went viral in September for calling anti-vaxxer radio personalities “idiots,” also blasted the tennis champ’s stance that getting vaccinated should be a private decision.

“That’s like saying smoking is a private decision. Well, that’s true,” Stern argued. “But don’t smoke in my face, f – – knut. What a dummy. Just a big, dumb tennis player.”

Djokovic’s viral vaccination saga began last month, after the tennis star requested a vaccine exemption to enter Australia based on having COVID within the past six months.

However, he had his visa revoked upon arrival and spent the weekend isolating in a hotel with his immigration status in limbo. An Australian judge has since reinstated the athlete’s visa and allowed him to travel to the site of the Australian Open, but now government officials are investigating issues with his positive PCR report in December, which were filed in court.

In a statement posted to his Instagram, Djokovic admitted that he did not immediately isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 last month.

It’s still unclear whether or not these issues will impact Djokovic’s ability to remain in Australia and play in the season’s first Grand Slam.

Original Article: https://nypost.com/2022/01/12/howard-stern-rips-novak-djokovics-anti-vax-stance-in-profanity-laden-tirade/

8 thoughts on “Howard Stern Goes on a Profanity-Laced Tirade Against “No-Vax” Djokovic”
  1. Does anyone even listen to howeird stern? He made his millions and went unfunny. His titillating shows with porn stars and strippers weren’t ever entertaining. He has no voice in any opinion so why is he now saying anything. He doesn’t know anything and time to retire not funny man. Love these self serving morons who think the world wants to hear from them – news flash – THEY DON’T !!!!!!

  2. when I was “working” in NYC ( a LONG time ago) i would tune him in (occasionally). ! Never thought he was a “complete” ass hole ,but there were times ….. It now is quite evident that is exactly what he is ! I do find it amazing how easy it is for communists to turn otherwise thinking people into braying sheep ! A truly sad “epitaph” for you howard !

  3. Really Howard Stern!!! Who died and made you boss?!?!?! I believe it is your choice to get a covid shot or not. The government is trying to make this country a communist country, telling us AMERICANS we have to do this or that. Well, it’s NOT going to work with me. So Howard go find a hole and put your head in it and stay there. We don’t need your stupid ass comments. Your a piece of shit that thinks you can say whatever you want to whoever you feel like ripping people apart. Someone needs to take you down a peg or two. So, if people don’t want to get a shot keep your opinions to yourself, we don’t need to hear your mouth or opinions.

  4. Howard Stern has always been a fool with no morals. He has 0 values. He is old now and afraid to die- selfish person. He would rather have a healthy young person take a shot that is not approved, has been proven to injure and kill people and has no long term data so he can live another day- selfish and gross. If he takes shot he should be fine- but says this kids needs to stay away from others- does Howard read anymore? Obviously not as he is the super spreader- the vaxed are. Does he remember chicken pox? Does he know he is not jabbed for that- cuz he had them. Stern needs to be retired and no more microphones for him.

  5. Howard Stern is a complete loser – when I subscribed to Sirius radio & found out he was on it I almost canceled- he is the ultimate gross double talking POS – he makes me I’ll & ashamed that I’m a Jew.

  6. So much for the adage that age confers wisdom. A truly grotesque narcissist who manufactured a phony bad boy persona which duped his equally insipid audience. He’s polluted the airwaves for decades and clings to his wretched formula well into the final stages of decrepit irrelevancy.

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